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in the Desert

Remixed and Mastered in crystal clear CD quality, this CD includes 11 of the most striking songs from Harmony 2014, including songs from:

The Powe Family, Sister Eseosah, Charlie Farrie, The Loveall Family, The Steinke Family, The Aho Family, Mikayla Castillo, Al Stowell, Justin Brown, Isaiah Brooks, Sally Duke, and more!

Free with your donation to the Philippines.

  A garden of Hidden Treasures for your reading experience.
"Sing to Me Shalom"...a song of hope for the Philippines

 Harmony for the Philippines

The Worst Typhoon Ever?

In a world where disasters in remote locations show up in the news daily, it is hard to get a sense of scale.  But my many accounts Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) which clobbered the Philippine Islands in November 2013 is an epic event.  It is reported to have the highest windspeeds ever to make landfall, and resulted in over 6000 fatalities. Read the full account here: Typhoon Haiyan

Relief efforts from many agencies are underway, but our focus is on our own special people, our brothers and sisters in the faith.  Many homes, livelihoods, and entire church buildings have been destroyed.  Miraculously, very few lives were lost, but the rebuilding task is immense.

In Jan. 2014, some of the singers at Harmony In the Desert recorded a song to benefit the relief efforts.  This beautiful piece, sung by
Isaiah Brooks, Sally Duke, Natasha Hoyer, and choir is titled "Sing to me Shalom,"  and is a song of hope in troubled times.   You can have a high quality copy of this song, and 10 more from Harmony in the Desert 2014, in exchange for your generous donation.  

Thank you to all who contributed!  The Philippines relief effort is now COMPLETE!  If you would like to donate to a fund for future relief causes, you may do so.

The Loveall Family
supports the Philippines with their new Album:  A Pilgrim's Journey.    This album is absolutely beautiful.  Hear them live on the Harmony 2014 album, and get more great music from the Lovealls on this high quality CD.

Sister Eseosah impressed everyone at her first trip to Harmony in the Desert in 2014 with her powerful voice, anointed songs, and humble demeanor. Eight memorable songs by Sister Eseosah are now available on her newly released CD, Mercy.  

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