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Supernatural: The Life of William Branham

by Owen Jorgensen

As Featured on the Secret Wine Radio broadcast.

This Three-Volume Set contains all six books of the remarkable and inspiring life of William Marrion Branham. Born in 1909 in humble surroundings, the call of God was on his life from birth to bring a gift of healing to the nations and to deliver a message of grace to our generation.

One of the most inspiring stories ever told, this one man in the hands of God challenged the institution of orthodox Christianity, leading millions into a saving faith in Jesus Christ and a deeper walk with God. Hundreds of thousands received supernatural healing and some were raised from the dead through his intercession. When challenged to a debate regarding his teachings on divine healing, the pillar of fire descended into the auditorium before a crowd of 30,000 people, resting over his head, and was photographed.  Critics called it mass hallucination, the FBI investigators called it the only supernatural being ever photographed!  Read the immensely inspiring life of a man who was described even by his critics as a humble and Christlike servant of God and acknowledged by all to have brought the most Supernatural ministry this world has ever seen!

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